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Teeth whitening

blanchiment des dents

A very effective method that erases a decade face and to rejuvenate your smile!… Details +

Porcelain veneers

facettes en porcelaine

Thinking of a Hollywood smile to display with pride and pleasure?… Details +

Dental implants

implant dentaire

Whatever you’ve heard, know that dental implants are the best solution!… Details +


Invisible braces with all the characteristics of a dental metal braces but sparing the social stigma of patient…. Details +

Our philosophy

DaVinci Dental Clinic team combines practical skills and experiences boutique modern technology to make a bright smile and confident patients.

One of our priorities is to listen and understand the unique individual needs of each patient on oral health, designing this way a customized treatment plan. Our team of specialists is dedicated to motivation and to make the patient aware of prophylaxis and prevention in order to achieve optimal oral health.

Which destination to choose?

Da Vinci Dental  has at the moment two clinics: one in Bucharest and one in Constanta, Romania, and in the near future will open its third clinic in Cluj. The clinic staff is ready to help each patient during his visit and provide all necessary logistical support.

This includes an English speaking driver, which will be made available for the trip from the airport to the clinic and for transfers to the hotel, translator and other benefits. All the patient has to do is just book the flight. The clinic staff will also help to find the most competitive prices for travel.

In addition to providing dental care premium, the clinic team can also provide any information to make the most of your visit to Bucharest or Constanta.

sejours dentaires roumanie
implant dentaire roumanie

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