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Adrian Mina

Doctor of Dental Medicine


  • University of Dental Medicine UMF « Carol Davila » Bucharest
Dr. Mina Adrian

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Adrian Mina, the founder of Da Vinci Dental Clinic would like to live in a world where all people smile! Although he spent much of his life in Canada, the doctor graduated from the Carol Davila University of Bucharest and was also an intern in orthodentaire surgery in Romania, managing to turn his dream into vocation.

And we can find him every day at his office in Bucharest or Constanta, working with passion and dedication to make a perfect smile for his patients, or presenting cases at national and international conferences, teaching intern students in dentistry or  willingly talking on the importance of oral hygiene in educational workshops for children.

Dr. Mina believes that by starting with healthy habits at a young age, it can give children a good start in life. Depending on his schedule, the doctor also accepts social cases pro bono, publicized or not, offering opportunities to people that didn’t had chance for a perfect smile. But the likely reason he feels close to children is the fact that he and his wife, Oana Mina, are the proud parents of two little boys and a girl.

That’s why when he doesn’t work on implants, porcelain veneers or cases representing real challenges, you can find dr. Mina in a gourmet restaurant, cinema, theater, in spontaneous trips or walks accompanied by his family.The doctor admits that playing with children is  recharging its positive energy, and sometimes he manages to find time also for cycling or for a hockey game.

Considered a successful doctor, Adrian Mina was invited to offer some advice on life and entrepreneurship for high school students and at the event Romanian Business Leaders Association, whereas at Gala Forbes he confessed his success story. Additionally, he has shown its willingness to collaborate with several online publications or TV shows where he spoke frankly and free of his passion to obtain and maintain a perfect smile.

Getting information, study and participation in meetings to find out the latest news on technology, equipment and materials represent a priority for dr. Mina, who is a physician  and must never stop its development process. And that may be why he was designated Key Opinion Leader in the oral hygiene company Sunstar Gum, for his involvement in public education on prevention and oral hygiene!

Even though, Adrian Mina enjoys success in his medical career, once we know him, we find a kind, modest, open, serious person, but also with the sense of humor, who wants to create in its clinics a friendly and familiar environment, next to a great team that he personally selects for which the welfare and the patient’s oral health occupy the first place.  He wishes the visit to the dentist to become an opportunity for relaxation, during which you can get the most beautiful smile.