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  • University of Dental Medicine « Ovidius » Constanta, 2013
  • Post-secondary School Health « Hypocrate » Constanta
Dr. Aylyn Calivet

Dental Team

Dr. Mina Adrian

Adrian Mina

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Iulian Balas
Orthodontist Surgen

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Marius Maris
Orthodontist Doctor


Graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University Ovidius of Constanta in 2013, she joined the  DaVinci Dental team in April 2014. As a graduate of the Post-Secondary Health School Hippocrates, during the faculty years she worked as an assistant, wishing to expand her knowledge.

She constantly participates in courses, focusing to improve her professional skills.
“I guide my professional and personal life according to two principles: integrity and empathy. My priorities are raising awareness on the role of prevention in oral health and providing the best care to our patients. ”