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Dental care


Knowing dental anatomy is essential for health care

The teeth are the hardest and more resistant part in the body. They play a vital role in food digestion, helping to smash small pieces by biting and chewing.

Interdental brushing should become a habit to maintain oral health.

To remove food residue and bacterial plaque between teeth, interdental brushes represents a practical, effective, and more versatile solution.

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Learn more on the appearance of milk teeth and their loss and how to take care of your child's oral hygiene.

Usually, these teeth are lost around the age of 7, the last tooth staying in the mouth until the age of 12-14 .

The usage of dental floss is recommended in addition to brushing.

The flossing will give you access to areas unrecheable for the toothbrush, specifically between the teeth and under the gum line, where accumulation of plaque.

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Dental implants have the ability to serve as substitutes for natural tooth roots. These devices are attached to the jaw bone and are considered safe and effective to support the prosthesis, screws or crowns and fixed bridges.

Tips to treat teeth while wearing braces.

Today, there are many dental devices that are attached to teeth to realign them. Cleaning around and under the braces is extremely difficult, even for skillful patients.

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To get maximum efficiency when brushing your teeth, follow the instructions below.

Most dentists recommend replacing the toothbrush each three months or more often if you brush extremely and if you begin to notice that blunt.

You can have a proper oral hygiene by using these 3 steps

To have a preventive role, the oral hygiene must be accurate and complete. You must remove food residue and bacterial plaque not only on the surface of the teeth, but also from the spaces between teeth and gumline.

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Learn more about the stages of periodontal disease to be able to prevent it.

Periodontal diseases are manifested by inflammation of the tissues that support the teeth. By not treating it, it will leads to the deterioration of the soft tissue, bone support and, in the end, the loss of teeth..