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Today, there are many dental devices that are attached to teeth to realign them. The rings are permanently attached to the front or back teeth for several months or even years while the teeth are straightened. Cleaning around and under the braces is extremely difficult, even for skillful patients.
It is important to care of your oral hygiene. It should be clean before the device is placed.

Orthodontic toothbrushes have been developed to clean the teeth and the orthodontic braces.
Take a quick movement back and forth to clean both surfaces. Brush only along the gumline and the tip of the teeth.

floss treaders

Use a specific dental floss, internal rewind system.
Insert the rigid part of the thread directly in the dental braces.
Use the spongy portion to clean between the elements.
Use the normal nylon thread to clean the surface of the tooth and under the gum line.

Use an interdental brush to clean between the teeth, the thread of the orthodontic appliance and where there is an interdental space.
Choose a size suitable for interdental brush to clean crevices. Do not force the interdental brush in too narrow spaces.

gum travler