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Proper brushing

To get maximum efficiency when brushing your teeth, you should follow the instructions below.

  • 1. Place the toothbrush along the gingiva so as to form an angle of 45 °. The strands must contact the tooth surface but also with that of the gingiva. Without exerting excessive pressure, brush the outer surface of 2 or 3 teeth by performing a rotating movement forward and back and repeat the procedure. Move the toothbrush on the next group of 2 or 3 teeth and repeat the procedure.
  • 2. Angle the toothbrush vertically behind them front teeth. Perform several movements up and down using the tip of the head of the toothbrush.
  • 3. Maintain a 45 ° angle between the brush and the surface of the tooth and the gingival sulcus. Gently brush by moving back and forth and circular along the surface of all front teeth.

How often should I change my toothbrush?
Most dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every three months or more often if you brush frequently and if you find that the bristles begin to spoil. Since bacteria tend to stay on the toothbrush, change it after a disease or other respiratory infections.

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