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Proper interdental cleaning

Le nettoyage interdentaire correct

To remove food residue and bacterial plaque between teeth, interdental brushes represent a practical, effective, and more versatile. Indeed, they are used for cleaning particularly wide spaces or especially narrow spaces between the teeth for accurate cleaning of elements of a device or dental implants and in the case where there are empty spaces formed at the base of the tooth (gum withdrawal).

Their versatility makes them ideal even for patients wearing braces. Interdental brushing should be performed at least once a day, preferably after dinner. At least initially, it is good to do it at the same time. This way, it will soon become a healthy habit.

How to choose an interdental brush:

The interdental brushes are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the diverse needs of the patients. The main criteria to consider when choosing an interdental brush is the width of the spaces between the teeth. In fact, avoid pushing with force too large interdental brush for a too narrow space. The presence of orthodontic appliances, implants, bridges, removal of the gum and other specific conditions must also be taken into consideration.

That is why at the beginning the interdental brushes should generally be prescribed by the dentist, because it is he who can identify exactly the best shape and size for you. It is also important to replace them periodically. An interdental brush superior quality, the strands antibacterial protection, resist more, without compromising its beneficial effects in time.

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Under normal conditions:

  • Minimal pressure to slide the brush into the interdental spaces. Do not force the slip of the brush in narrow spaces.
  • A slight downward inclination must be maintained for the lower arch and from the bottom up to the upper arch.
  • Then perform more delicate horizontal motions while avoiding the interdental brush out of the interdental spaces.

In the case of orthodontic appliances:

 The interdental brushes are especially recommended to clean between the teeth and the wire of the orthodontic arch and wherever there are significant interdental spaces. Cleaning should be performed by delicate movements towards the inside and outside by not exerting too much pressure on the stem. Choose a size suitable for interdental brush to clean crevices.

In the case of implants:

Use an interdental brush to clean the pins and the area under the prosthesis. Slowly insert between a pin and another and then perform a cleaning by a gentle movement inside and outside.

In the case of bridges:

Use an interdental instrument adapted to interdental spaces affected by the bridge. Perform cleaning by inserting the interdental brush on the side of the cheek and the side of the tongue.

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