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Dental implants


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Whatever you have heard, know that dental implants are the best solution when you want to replace missing teeth. The implant is natural, normal and is much more comfortable than a traditional bridge.

And if you take care, the dental implant can last a lifetime! The implants are a long-term solution for improving your smile, but also chewing (and therefore digestion) and quality of life. The implantation procedures have a success rate of over 95%, based on over 50 years of research in this area. And it is the perfect option to replace a missing tooth or impossible to save.

dental implants

This brilliant innovation of dental care offers physicians the opportunity to create a wonderful smile with minimal patient discomfort. AND, although implantation procedures may vary according to the number of teeth to replace, the components of the implant are the same.

Dental implants are made up of three elements:

A titanium screw to fix in the jaw.
A structure overlying the protruding area of the implant.
A crown perfectly fixed above the structure, the shape and appearance of a natural tooth, impeccable.

A few years ago, the only alternative solution was a tooth bridgework, fixed or partial, requiring periodic replacement. But studies have shown that the bridges could contribute to the deterioration and even loss of adjacent teeth (which one connects the bridge) for about seven years. Therefore, the dental implant is the best, most sustainable and safest solution when it comes to the substitution of a tooth.

Above all, dental implants compared with alternatives is not correct because this treatment solution is the most advanced technologically. Patients undergoing dental implants will enjoy more freedom and comfort.

While patients are choosing alternatives they may seem older or they may face embarrassing situations where they lose the prosthetic device during a public activity. The dental implant provides absolute freedom to eat, smile and laugh with all his teeth, having nothing to hide.

But another disadvantage of traditional devices and bridges is that it must be adjusted throughout the years since, as you get older and bone mass is lost, the teeth also changes. Furthermore, these solutions can harm the teeth used for bridge in the long term, so that an implant offers excellent stability as a natural tooth.

To find out if dental implants are the right solution for your smile, you must make an appointment at the dental office for a consultation. The main factors that the doctor will consider are:

  • The general state of health. You must communicate to the dentist  all conditions that you suffer in order to consider them and if considers you an ideal candidate to this procedure. But, with the exception of children who are in growing process, implants are the best solution for anyone, even patients with diabetes or hypertension may benefit from this treatment.
  • Problems with teeth / gums. The teeth and gums problems should not stand in the way to receive dental implants. Indeed, most implants are made for patients who suffered from periodontal disease and serious deterioration of the teeth. But each case is different.
  • The features and the current bridges. Implants can easily substitute bridges or prosthetic devices and can use the same to stabilize the position of the adjacent teeth.
  • The tobacco. This defect may decrease the success rate of your implant, but in spite of it all, smokers are not immediately excluded when they want an implant.
  • The severe loss of bone mass. This condition is known among the people having problems with teeth with periodontal disease, but the loss of bone mass can be remedied by the maxillofacial surgeon or specialist in periodontology with a transplant bone.
  • Children. Implants are not recommended until the jaw fails to maturity but if special circumstances require this intervention it may be possible earlier.

Overall, the process involved in the dental implant can last from three to six months, according to the implant integration speed in the bone.

Once established following a detailed review that your implant is suitable, it will draw up a personalized program which will establish all stages of the procedure and you will be informed in time.

To determine whether the dental implant is the best solution for you, the dentist will ask for a series of X-rays and a CT examination. These will be used to evaluate the position of the implant.

Depending on the programming, following consultations, the dentist will implant the titanium pin in the jaw. This process requires a small incision that will be sewn after the procedure in order to promote healing.

And in an interval of six months, the dentist will determine if the area is healed enough to go the other steps. At this time, the support structure will be attached to the titanium axle to provide auxiliary information to the laboratory that performs the porcelain crown.

The consultations and subsequent examinations are a very important component of this process, allowing the dentist to ensure that you have the impeccable care of the implant and perfect oral health.