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Dental tourism

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Euro Clinic Dental represents several clinics in Romania in cities like Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj. In addition to providing high-quality dental care, our clinic staff is ready to assist you during your visit and provide all necessary logistical support.

This includes a driver who will be at your disposal for the journey from the airport to the clinic, as well as for transfers to the hotel. All you have to do is book your flight.(Duration of a flight ~ 2h30)

All information relevant to your trip will be transmitted to you so that you can fully enjoy your dental stay.

In addition to providing dental care premium, the clinic team can also provide any information to make the most of your visit to Bucharest or Constanta.

Bucuresti Euro Clinic Dental
Constanta Euro Clinic Dental

Organize your dental stay

Ask for a quote

For the organization of your dental trip in Romania simply fill out the request for a quotation. The local Euro Clinic Dental representative will contact you to give you all the necessary information and answer your questions.Do you already have a quote for your dental care or a panoramic x-ray?In this case, you can also send us more information such as:

  • a panoramic dental X-ray
  • pictures of your teeth
  • Details, if you know them, of the dental care you need

Transport and accommodation in Bucharest (Romania)

With our representative, you will agree on the ideal dates for your initial consultation. Note that this consultation is totally free.

Once this date is agreed, you will have to book your plane ticket to Bucharest and give us the details of the flight: flight number, timetables, terminal…. This information received, we will confirm in our turn that everything is in order by return email. You will then receive a summary of your trip with dates and accommodation.

Please note that we always reply and confirm all correspondence. So, if you have sent us information by email and you have not received a response or confirmation within 48 hours, please do not hesitate to call us.


Arrival in Bucharest (Romania)

Although Bucharest is less than three hours flight from France or Switzerland, it is true that your dental trip may seem a complicated adventure.

Euro Clinic Dental systematically transfers all transfers from Bucharest airport to hotels or to the dental clinic. Our English speaking driver will be waiting for you as soon as you arrive in Romania and, depending on your time of arrival, will either take you to the clinic for your free consultation or to your hotel if your flight lands in the late afternoon or in the evening.

Our on-site teams will always ensure that your dental trip is as pleasant as possible and will make you feel as comfortable as possible. Achieving dental care abroad can be stressful. This is why the Euro Clinic Dental team will always be able to answer your requests concerning travel and the facilities available in the city and near the hotel that you have chosen beforehand.