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The invisible dental appliance


Euro Clinic Dental Prices 350€
Medium Prices in Europe 900€



It is true that the dental braces worn by adults do not favor the aesthetic point of view and it can generate complexes. Now, like teenagers and children, adults too can correct their smiles with Invisalign,the invisible braces that have all the characteristics of dental metal braces but sparing the social stigma of patient. In addition, it provides several types of benefits.


The traditional braces is positioned on the teeth, but for stability, there are being used several types of attachments like rubber bands or other metal links where unfortunately, leftover food can remain, which can prevent proper brushing or dental floss.

And a superficial oral hygiene can have side effects for the deterioration and bad breath. Therefore, the frequent professional cleaning can increase the overall cost of maintenance of teeth.

When the braces are not properly cleaned, the tooth can be decalcified, the accumulated plaque can cause caries and yellowing of the teeth.

Invisalign. The instrument is easy to remove and allows a normal brushing as much as the use of dental floss. And a rigorous oral hygiene helps maintain dental esthetics during orthodontic treatment.

Anyone who had this experience knows that the classic brace is uncomfortable. In addition to the pain felt during the natural process of correcting teeth, you will also feel the metal and sharp sides of the metal that can break near the gums. A special wax can be used to improve the irritation, but there is still discomfort.

Invisalign is not made of metal, while the edges are smooth, plastic, not concerning the oral tissues.

Although each case is different, it was found that Invisalign offers faster results than traditional braces. The usually worn braces take around two years (or even longer).

With Invisalign, orthodontic process is different and the period of treatment is determined gradually, depending on the number of trays to be worn to align your teeth in the ideal position. Specifically, each tray is worn for two weeks, after which it is replaced with the next tray, which is adapted to the next phase alignment. And duration of treatment may vary on average from four months to a year.

When wearing the Invisalign, the sensible gutters that correct the teeth are virtually invisible and this is great news for people not wishing to draw attention to their smile.

And even if we wear the unit for 20-22 hours a day, there is always a period of time to eat (if you want to remove), for cleaning the teeth or for a special occasion. So from an aesthetic point of view, the Invisalign appliance is the ideal option!

If Invisalign should be worn to a maximum 22 hours a day, this means that there is enough time to serve meals without worrying about the braces. And, unlike traditional braces for correcting the teeth, with Invisalign you can continue to enjoy the fruits, popcorn etc.  Anything you want!

Treatment with Invisalign is specially customized for your teeth, using a simulation on the computer and it offers you a chance to see the same potential improvements before they occur.

And this level of education and interaction is not available when choosing the classic braces. When you see the final result with the simulation, you will feel more motivated to follow the instructions of the dentist during the entire process.

In addition, Invisalign aligners used to correct the teeth can also be used for whitening teeth. At the end of treatment, the beautiful white teeth, your smile will be brighter and more sincere than ever!