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Porcelain veneers


Euro Clinic Dental Prices 400€
Medium Prices in Europe 700€



Do you have only one tooth (or two!) Of a different color or height differences and want to have a perfect set of teeth? You feel your teeth porous, fragile and want to protect them?

Are you thinking of a Hollywood smile to display with pride and pleasure, and with which to seduce from the first moment? If so, do not worry, these are absolutely normal desires and beautiful teeth is the brightest business card that can be offered to the people around you. And the answer to all these questions is provided by porcelain veneers.

porcelain dental veneers


Before the dentist establishes whether porcelain veneers are appropriate for your teeth (since there are cases where, for orthodontic reasons, this intervention is impossible), you’re probably wondering what porcelain veneers are ?! And especially what they can do for your smile?

Porcelain veneers are, as the name suggests, a protective layer hiding the defects of your natural teeth by wrapping them in an artificial enamel, an absolutely perfect appearance. But this is the natural appearance of your teeth which will indicate the number of facets required, shape, structure and even their color, so that the smile you’ll get at the end is in line with expectations.

The reason the facets will improve the appearance of your smile is that they offer even coverage and perfect teeth, but they seem artificial. Veneers are made of special materials whose color can be adapted to the shade of your teeth, so that even if you only have a porcelain veneer from your teeth, it will not be distinguished. So the result can be extremely natural and normal!


While it may sound complicated, the process of implementation of the facets is not at all. With the texture of the material that does not require major adjustments teeth, they will be very little polished, so we make room for the porcelain veneers. Following the adjustment of natural teeth, an impression is taken to create custom veneers your smile.

Although the creating time of the facets vary, since depending on several factors (such as public holidays or the workload of the laboratory), dental veneers are ready in about two weeks.

Then porcelain veneers are applied individually on each tooth, with a very resistant special glue. In this way, use this articial esthetic  will not influence your oral hygiene and you will always be able to brush your teeth and floss as usual.