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Teeth whitening


Euro Clinic Dental Prices 350€
Medium Prices in Europe 900€



Whiter teeth offer you the feeling of youth and freshness and perhaps this is one of the most effective methods to gain more confidence in own strength and personal charm. Whitening removes stains, makes the teeth color more uniform  and offers a tonic smile, inspiring vitality.

white your teeth

Who wants to have a big smile, without any kind of complex, without thinking of the dental staining, fading or the fact that the tooth has a matte shade, even with gray or yellow sub-tones?

As we become older, teeth naturally lose their shine, but the shade of smile can be also influenced by the consumption of tea, coffee, wine or refreshment drinks.

Tooth whitening can make the youthful brilliance you once had. And in some cases, the whitening process offers them a much brighter shade than ever.

Did you know that when you smile the movement of facial muscles can fool the brain into believing you are happy, because the smile automatically binds to a state of well being, even if it was a terrible day? Teeth whitening encourage you to always smile, with or without cause, then it undoubtedly contributes to your happiness.

Nowadays there are a wide variety of products available that are promising a teeth whitening effect, but after trying, you probably know that the results are not always according to expectations.

In addition, if these products are used incorrectly, they can harm the gums. At Da Vinci Dental Clinic we guarantee visible results and that you will feel relaxed knowing that our dentists will protect your teeth and gums throughout the procedure.

We use special tools covering your teeth, a premium combination of bleaching agents, with fluorine and potassium nitrate, to minimize the sensitizing effect of teeth.

This special solution offer you a visible result in an hour, while the key ingredients will protect your teeth for bleaching and even contribute to prevente caries.
Products available online or in supermarkets are attractive, but they can often do more harm than good. Their biggest advantage is the power used in the comforts of home.

This gel is produced with the same quality ingredients that are used in the treatment performed at the dentist. The only difference is you can apply it by yourself, whenever you want, while using custom channels (made in the cabinet), you will feel at ease during the whole period you wear them.

This gel will whiten your teeth while you watch TV or you read and even while you sleep! It is a safe and effective method to get a brighter smile without having to leave home.

In the case of whitening at the dentist, you will see the difference an hour later, because the solution is fast acting, making it shine and giving vitality to your smile. In the case of gel use at home, it can take about a week to get visible results.

At any time you have an hour available to dedicate to your smile! But remember that a whiter and confident smile can give you a wonderful feeling during a special occasion.